The first thing many people will see upon entering your home is your kitchen and dining room. When hosting dinner parties and family dinners and birthdays, the guests will likely gather around the dining room table where a lot of the celebration and conversation will take place. Market Warehouse Furniture offers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right dining room furniture for your home.

Any interior designer will tell you that your dining room table will say a lot about your home. Some initial questions to consider before making the final decision include:

  • How many people will regularly dine there?

  • Will it be used by small children as well? This can help you decide on easy to clean surfaces.

  • Will it be used for other things? For example, doing work or other business?

  • What is your design preference? Contemporary or old fashioned?

  • Do you have a theme in your kitchen or dining room that needs to be matched?

Shape and Size

The next phase is to consider what shape and size will suit your needs and your preferences. First, consider the size and shape of your dining room. One good way to get an idea of how big your table should be is to consider how much space you want around the table. One interior designer recommends putting a sheet and placing it in the space and folding it into the shape of table you envision. This way, you can measure the distance between it and the wall, corners, or other furniture. There are typically several options when it comes to table shape:

  • Oval: These tables can look great in a bigger and wide open space. It also offers an intimate dining experience and plenty of elbow room.

  • Square: This is a simple and traditional look that can also work great in conserving space. It looks great in square-shaped rooms and provides an intimate dining experience.  

  • Circle: Circular table can work well for more confined spaces and smaller families and rooms that have a rounded shape. These are also good for saving space, but a large circular table can often make it awkward to reach for that plate of food, so keep in mind how many people you will have regularly dining at the table.

  • Rectangular: These longer tables tend to be fitted better for longer and narrower rooms. They work great for dinner parties and larger families who frequently have more than four or five diners.

Find the Perfect Dining Room Furniture

Market Warehouse Furniture has a wide array of casual, formal, modern, and more traditional dining room sets. We can help find the right fit for you and your home.

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